Medical Card Renewal

  Medical Card Certification and the Need for Renewal

You've been diagnosed with one of the accepted medical conditions allowed by Pennsylvania for the use of medical marijuana. You've seen the appropriate doctor and done what was necessary to get certified. What next? All will run on schedule for a year. You will be given a list of acceptable dispensaries and a prescription for a certain amount each time period, usually a month. You need only to make sure you keep your medical card certification where it is readily available. When you are approaching the year mark, you will most likely receive notification from your doctor that you need to be recertified.


Medical card renewal is a necessary step every year. If you don't get re-certified, your medical care\d certification will expire and you won't be able to legally access medical marijuana. In some cases, the certification may be less, but the process will be the same. Once your initial certification period has ended, you will need to get a medical card renewal. This process will entail getting checked by a state-certified doctor to verify that you are still suffering from one of the accepted conditions. Once that is done, you will be issued another medical card certification.


Keeping your medical marijuana certification up-to-date helps ensure that you are not left without access to legal medical marijuana. If you believe you are getting close to the time when recertification is necessary and haven't heard from the doctor yet, call and set up an appointment yourself. This will help keep everything current and allow you to continue receiving the benefits you currently receive.