Medical Marijuana Cards

  The Importance of Medical Marijuana Cards

Now that medical marijuana has become legal in your state, you can buy it where you want, smoke it whenever and not fear being arrested, correct? Wrong on all accounts. Medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania, but it isn't legal for just anyone to claim a medical reason and buy some pot from the dealer down the street. There are strict guidelines and a process you must follow. Going through the process gets you a medical marijuana card that is good for one year, then needs to be renewed.


First, you need to be a verified resident of Pennsylvania. Next, you need to have a licensed medical doctor give you a diagnosis that falls within the list of 23 approved conditions. This doctor needs to be one that is approved to prescribe medical marijuana. This does not include every medical doctor in the state. Once this doctor gives you a diagnosis and recommends marijuana, you will be approved for a special medical card that you can use at approved medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state.


Without that medical card, you are not within the law. You can still be prosecuted for using what is currently an illegal substance. You can be charged with the purchase of an illegal substance and you can't be guaranteed of the quality of medical marijuana. Even with this card, you are restricted to where you fill your prescription. You will also be subject to laws governing where you can smoke and what you can do, such as operating a motor vehicle. If you believe you meet the requirements of being certified for medical marijuana, don't take chances, get that medical card first.