Medical Marijuana Doctor

  Have You Considered a Medical Marijuana Doctor for Chronic Pain?

It has been estimated that a person experiencing chronic pain often goes an average of twelve years without a diagnosis. During that time, many doctors simply think it is all in your imagination. Others put you through test after test. Still, others prescribe you medication, which is often an opiate pain killer that ends up resulting in addiction as well as many other harmful side effects. There may be a relief for you in sight.


Pennsylvania state law has made the use of medical marijuana legal in a number of cases. They have compiled a list of 23 disorders that qualify you for certification for a medical marijuana card. Chronic pain is one of these disorders. By getting an official diagnosis from a doctor that is certified by the state to prescribe medical marijuana, you can see if this course of treatment is right for you. Many who have spent years suffering from pain without end say they have found relief for the first time in years. Medical marijuana appears to work on such diverse pain as that associated with MS, neuropathy, and undefined muscle or nerve pain that has taken over.


Another benefit is that these same people often find they can reduce and sometimes even cease using narcotic pain medication. This helps eliminate the possibility of opiate addiction or death from an opiate overdose. Giving Dr. Jacobs a call to set up an appointment is your first step. After evaluation, he can issue you a certificate that allows you to access one of the approved dispensaries within the state. You've spent years in pain, isn't it time you gave yourself a second chance to live the life you want?