Medical Marijuana Certification and Re-Certification

Via Telemedicine/Telephone 

(any Pennsylvania patient, 9 am - 7 pm daily)

Evaluation and Certification of Pennsylvania Patients

                  Meet Dr. Ben

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Dr. Benjamin Jacobs is one of the initial physicians credentialed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to certify patients to participate in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. He has been evaluating and certifying medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania since May 2018. 


Why Medical Marijuana?

It can help with

Chronic Pain

Patients report experiencing significant relief from pain resulting from a variety of causes with medical marijuana. There also is the potential for patients to decrease narcotic usage and thus reduced unwanted pain medication side effects.


Potential benefits include reduced cancer related pain, chemotherapy/radiation induced nausea, loss of appetite and sleep disturbances.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Medical marijuana has been reported to decrease anxiety levels, sleep difficulties and the severity of nightmares.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Patients have found medical marijuana eases IBD related pain, limits the frequency of diarrhea, and can help patients to gain weight. 


Patients report that medical marijuana is highly effective in relieving their symptoms of anxiety.


Medical marijuana may help to lower eye pressure which can help to decrease the blinding effects of glaucoma. 

Certifications and Recertifications                   via Telemedicine

            and receive your medical marijuana card within one week